Nicolas Messio

Class :
Position :
Manager Business Development, Disneyland

Once out of IÉSEG in 2003, Nicolas was backed on with a rich career. He also tells us that he keeps close ties with IÉSEG by participating in events involved in the “Social Impact” (consisting of students and graduates involved in the processes of social innovation).

How was your life in IÉSEG?

I left IÉSEG in 2003 after five years rich in both teaching and learning experiences. We had then created through a communication project an association responsible for the promotion of entrepreneurship among students. Group works in accounting or marketing projects, including that of Jacques Angot are moments that particularly struck me: learning project management, development of creative ideas and pressure resistance . These are all essential qualities in business today.

Can you tell us about the “IÉSEG community”?

After leaving school, I always in touch with the teaching staff, administrative and my classmates, for example, I participated regularly in the oral intake that allowed me to keep one foot in the school and also to see the changing profiles of candidates every year. I am also a stakeholder in the community for “social impact” of IÉSEG whose objective is to promote social entrepreneurship projects within the school. I am accompanied by students to meet the challenge of combining business and social impact creation

What is your career since you are out of IÉSEG?

When I left IÉSEG, I decided to take a crazy gamble to create and develop a network of distribution and import of ethical products under the SOS Group, the first social enterprise in Europe. So I headed Altermundi and its subsidiaries and integrated companies for 8 years and then I had wanted to get ” backup” level by persuing an MBA in Australia and the United States (Los Angeles) . This two-year experience was extremely rewarding and has allowed me to develop tools and working methods which is more Anglo -Saxon. I joined in early 2013 Disneyland Paris to lead the Business Development unit under the leadership of Vice President of Marketing & Sales – France. My goal is to identify growth drivers of our spring medium term to ensure attendance and income which has become over the years the first European tourist destination.