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IÉSEG Foundation

Founded in 1964 by Michel Falise, IESEG is linked to the Catholic University of Lille. The school has always had a logic of sustainable development and we still share the same values: Respect, ambition, rigor and team spirit.


Grand Ecole Program in 5 years

In order to match international standards, the 4-year program was redesigned to a 5-year program. Adding an extra year to the program presents many advantages, among which: a better knowledge, professional attitude and personal development acquisition process.


Obtention du VISA du diplôme
par le Ministère de l'Education supérieure

Following the official recognition of the school in 1976, IÉSEG received its first major certification called "VISA" by the Ministry of Higher Education.

This label enables the school to benefit from the State Guarantee, and enables the delivery of a IÉSEG Degree.


Construction of building A

The construction of building A was an important moment in the history of IESEG.

Before this, the school was on the Catholic University of Lille premises but with the increase in staff and students, the new building was essential.


After Christian Bérard,
Jean-Philippe Ammeux becomes the new dean of IÉSEG

Jean-Philippe Ammeux was a student at IESEG until 1978. He started his career at the school in 1979 as an assistant professor in Economic Sciences.

In 1984, he became a full professor and, 10 years after, he is appointed Dean of IÉSEG. He is a charismatic and dynamic director and is responsible for the massive internationalization of IÉSEG.


1000th alumni

In 1995, the school celebrates its 1000th graduation - a girl! A difficult stage for the school to reach when we remember that there were 9 students in the first school year. Nowadays, IESEG's Alumni Network boasts over 5000 members and is growing exponentially along with the School.


Acquisition of Master's degree

In 2005, IESEG acquired the grade of Master's degree from the Ministry of Higher Education & Research. This label is delivered to only five-year studies after the baccalaureate.

It guarantees the high level of professional and academic skills of the school and gives an international recognition to the "Grande Ecole" diploma.


All courses in English

From the middle of the 90s, IESEG particularly focuses on the international dimension. While initiating various partnerships and the diversification in the teaching staff, the school develops its educational program: from now on in the 3rd year, all courses will be taught in English!


IESEG welcomes 1000 students

This figure has evolved a great deal in the last 10 years as nowadays there are almost 3500 French students and 1000 international students on both campuses..


100 partner universities !

In 1992, IESEG had only 13 international partnerships… this figure is not at all representative of the objectives for international development. 14 years later in 2006, the school had more than 100 partnerships.

At present, the school has a network of more than 220 partner universities all over the world!


Opening of the Paris campus

Before work on the Grande Arche campus was completed, IESEG opened in Boulogne-Billancourt. IESEG opened the Paris campus in this iconic building which is at the heart of Europe's largest business Hub «La Défense», in October 2009.

This new campus measuring 9000 m², is a continuation of the school's development strategy as it strengthens the ties with companies located in the business district of La Défense and also increases the international visibility and reputation of the school.


Opening of international offices

To reinforce its international presence, IÉSEG has opened offices in India (2009) and China (2013). These offices work to increase IÉSEG's notoriety, to recruit international students for the school and to develop relations with local firms and universities.


Marc Delozanne is elected Chairman of the IÉSEG Board of Directors

Current Mobilis CEO Marc Delozanne was elected Chairman of the IÉSEG Board of Directors in November 24, 2011. He succeeded to Gérard Nalpas who had presided the school for 17 years. Very involved in the school, Marc Delozanne supports IÉSEG dynamics at the International level as well as with businesses


EQUIS & AACSB accreditations

IÉSEG was accredited EQUIS in 2012 and AASCB in 2013 for its high standards in management education. IESEG is the first post-baccalaureate business school to have this double international label.

This distinction rewards our international strategy of development and gives a worldwide recognition to the school.