Edouard Cremer

Class :
Position :
Entrepreneur, Sampleo

From Associations to experiences abroad, he has been left with only good memories from his 5 years at IÉSEG. At the end of the first year, he entered the election campaign for the BDS (Sports board) with his group of friends. “It was a great adventure and a first experience in ‘entrepreneurship’.” he says.

In the third year, under ‘projets co’ (associative project part of the IÉSEG curriculum), he decided not to take up an existing association but to create one! The project was a great success: finance the construction of a well in Tanzania whilst climbing Kilimanjaro in order to raise awareness on the problems of clean drinking water in Africa. That year, four IÉSEG students reached the summit of Africa!

After a brief university experience in the United States, he specialized, in his 4th year, in management control, more by default than by passion and left for an internship at Ernst & Young in Luxembourg. At the end of this internship, he was offered a job that he declined really wanted to heart… “I had a project which was very important to me, start my own business and succeed,” he confesses.

He decided to take a Masters course specialized in Entrepreneurship at EM Lyon where he met Raphael Demnard. Together, they discovered a type of Japanese store that was booming: a concept store where all products are free. In this store registered members can choose 5 products from hundreds of references and leave without spending a penny. In exchange, they fill out market research questionnaires.

Together in February 2011 they launched the concept, altered and adapted to the French market, which therefore had some new features: it was no longer a store, but a website (www.sampleo.com) and the company specializes in e-reputation.

Since then, the company Sampleo has experienced a strong growth and won over prestigious clients. Among the twenty references: Bioderma, Water Recreation Scarlet or France.

Relying on a community of more than 95,000 members, Sampleo allows brands to try-out their products on their target consumers in exchange for their feedback.

The start-up is seen as very innovative in the world of marketing. It provides companies with the opportunity to create a buzz, whilst receiving feedback and opinions from hundreds of qualified consumers.

Since the beginning of the adventure, € 300,000 products have been distributed and 95% of the consumers have given their feedback on products they have tested. The concept fits all the issues and offers. Sampleo allows you to discover products, services, websites and outlets to thousands of consumers who are increasingly curious.

Edward actively participates in IÉSEG’s alumni network. In recent months, he is being mentored by another graduate entrepreneur, in the framework of the “Godparenting young entrepreneurs” scheme, created by IÉSEG Network.

With Cédric Thyrant (promo 2001), who works in the field of consumer panels, they meet once a month to discuss specific issues that may confront a young designer. “Cedric brings me his experience and perspective on my problems to make the best decisions. Also, everyone can benefit from the experiences of the other, his knowledge, his good plans … “explains Edouard very grateful for the assistance provided by Cédric and boost given by IÉSEG Network for linking with his godfather. “Know that I do not hesitate to reciprocate and give advice to graduates or students who contact me! ‘

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