IÉSEG development

Evolution of Candidates / number of places for 1st year entrance exam

In 50 years, the number of applicants has literally exploded to stabilize at around 5000 candidates in recent years. This evolution is consistent with the increase in the number of students at IÉSEG - 570 last year.

Number of candidates
Number of places

Number of students

It is difficult to imagine that in the first academic year of the school only 9 students graduated when we know that there are now almost 4,000 French and exchange students who meet and mix on both campuses.

Number of permanent teachers

At the end of the 90's, IÉSEG decided to reinforce the level of its courses by having a permanent educational and multicultural team to ensure the consistency of programs and the monitoring of students.

Partner universities

The international aspect is a philosophy of life for IÉSEG and for all the students.

At present, the school has its network of partners made up of 215 business schools and universities among which are: Cornell University, McGill University and Copenhagen Business School.

Expansion of the buildings

Since its creation, IÉSEG has been in different places... then came the time of new constructions, enlargement and finally the opening of a new campus in Paris!

More than ever, the projects of expansion are on the agenda!


Another striking evolution of the school is the number of logos that IÉSEG has created!

A very stylized and simplistic font, a background inlay, an English and then a blue version... a certain number of stages were necessary before asserting the current visual identity of the school.

New logo

The new logo: keen to show its ambitions and to pursue its development on both a national and international level, the school logo graphic was completely redesigned in 2012. This new innovative logo which is made up of yellow and orange, distinguishes itself from the previous ones and has been adopted by a large number.